Gareth was an ex­pe­ri­enced photographer, so just needed a few tweaks to shoot scenic shots

Photo Plus - - The Apprentice -


“Gareth wouldn’t al­ways shoot in Man­ual mode, choosing Av mode in­stead some­times, so I em­pha­sized that con­trol­ling the aper­ture and shut­ter speed in­de­pen­dently would give him greater con­trol,” says Guy. “With our cam­eras set up on a tri­pod, so cam­era move­ment wasn’t a prob­lem, I got Gareth to set the ISO to 100 for the bestqual­ity shots, and set a nar­row aper­ture of around f/16 for sharp scenic pho­to­graphs.”


Guy ex­plained the im­por­tance of re­fer­ring to the his­togram for bet­ter ex­po­sures. “The his­togram dis­play in Play­back mode gives you an ac­cu­rate guide to your ex­po­sure. Watch out for the graph ‘clip­ping’ ei­ther end, which means a loss of de­tail in the shad­ows or high­lights. By shoot­ing in Raw, you have more lat­i­tude to re­veal de­tail in high­lights and shad­ows.”

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