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Guy aims to ex­plain hyperfocal dis­tance fo­cus­ing, a tech­nique that’s of­ten seen as con­fus­ing. “To find the hyperfocal dis­tance I use Live View to fo­cus, zoom­ing in to x10 view that’s avail­able on most Canon DSLRS. I can zoom into x16 on my 50-megapixel 5DS R to fine-tune the fo­cus­ing. I then fo­cus man­u­ally on my lens on the most dis­tant point in the pic­ture, us­ing an aper­ture around about f/11 or f/16. Af­ter that I sim­ply hold the Depth of Field but­ton down, and dial the fo­cus­ing back a tiny bit so that dis­tant point is only just a lit­tle blurry. Then that’s your hyperfocal dis­tance fo­cus­ing point, and your whole scene will be cap­tured in an ac­cept­ably sharp man­ner!” smiles Guy.

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