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We found this pretty lit­tle caterpillar feed­ing, and Guy cun­ningly moved the laven­der stem and fixed it into his tri­pod head, then moved into the shade for some lovely bright yet soft light. I got out my proper macro 100mm lens for this true close-up. Fo­cus­ing so close re­duces depth of field, so Guy sug­gested I shot at f/8 to make sure the whole flower head and caterpillar were sharp. In the shade, I needed to shoot at ISO800 to ob­tain a shut­ter speed of 1/100 sec, fast enough for a sharp shot when shoot­ing hand­held. Guy re­turned the caterpillar safely five min­utes later.

Lens Canon ef 10mm f/2.8l Macro IS USM ex­po­sure 1/100 sec, f/8, ISO800

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