Cre­ative aper­ture = cre­ative cap­ture

More than just con­trol­ling light, your aper­ture iso­lates sub­jects with slice of fo­cus

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01 f/1.8

Shoot­ing wide open, in this case with an aper­ture of f/1.8, cre­ates a very nar­row depth of field. With such a thin plane of fo­cus, it draws the viewer’s eye to­wards a spe­cific part of the image and ren­ders every­thing else an in­dis­tinct blur.

02 f/4

By clos­ing the aper­ture a few stops, this time down to f/4, the depth of field is still shal­low enough to iso­late our point of fo­cus, but the back­ground isn’t now to­tally blurred. Some peo­ple may find it more pleas­ing as a re­sult.

03 f/7.1

When we stop the lens down to f/7.1, the back­ground is now much more dis­tinct. If hav­ing the con­text of the back­ground and sur­round­ings were im­por­tant, like if we were tak­ing en­vi­ron­men­tal por­traits, this would be a prefer­able choice.

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