Get­ting started with your Canon

Hit the ground run­ning with your new cam­era

Photo Plus - - Canon Camera Craft -

1 Cam­era dis­ci­pline

BY COR­RECTLY hold­ing and sup­port­ing your cam­era, as well as your body, you will get the sharpest pic­tures and pro­long the life of your kit. Make a “V” with the thumb and fore­fin­ger of your left hand, cre­at­ing a cra­dle for your lens. This pro­vides sta­bil­ity and min­i­mizes strain on the mount – cru­cial when us­ing big­ger lenses. Tuck your el­bows into your ribs, brac­ing your arms and keep­ing the cam­era steady. Slow your breath­ing and squeeze the shut­ter in­stead of stab­bing it. If shoot­ing crouched, get onto one knee and brace your el­bow on your thigh.

2 Choosing color space

BE­FORE IT can take pic­tures, your cam­era needs to know how to colour­ize them. You have a choice of two for­mats, each with pros and cons. Adobergb is able to dis­play an ap­prox­i­mately 35% greater colour range, but most ap­pli­ca­tions and de­vices are con­fig­ured for SRGB – and they con­vert Adobergb im­ages poorly. Most photo labs and print­ers, how­ever, use Adobergb for its su­pe­rior colour range. So choose Adobergb if you print your pho­to­graphs, to achieve greater con­sis­tency, and SRGB if your im­ages are mostly in­tended for the web or screen.

3 Cam­era bag es­sen­tials

DSLR BOD­IES and lenses you carry will vary, but cer­tain items are es­sen­tial. We never leave home with­out a spare bat­tery, mem­ory cards, mini tri­pod, light meter, re­mote con­trol, flash, and lens cloth, Len­spen and hur­ri­cane blower for clean­ing… and a car­rier bag in case it rains!

4 Use your lens hood!

MANY PEO­PLE don’t bother with a lens hood, usu­ally be­cause they don’t know what it does. The hood serves two pur­poses: it pre­vents light en­ter­ing the lens and hit­ting the sen­sor, which re­duces con­trast and qual­ity and in­tro­duces arte­facts like flare. Se­condly, it pro­tects the front el­e­ment with­out de­grad­ing your op­tic with a fil­ter. Why spend hun­dreds or thou­sands on a lens and then put a cheap UV fil­ter on the front of it?

5 Which mem­ory card?

CHOOSING MEM­ORY cards can be a real pain!

But it comes down to four fac­tors: ca­pac­ity, cost, speed and brand. Try to use smaller cards – if a 32Gb card cor­rupts, you haven’t lost as much as if you were us­ing a 128Gb card. Choose as fast a card as you can af­ford, espe­cially if you shoot a lot in burst mode, and al­ways go for known names like San­disk or Lexar over un­branded cards.

Make sure to pack your cam­era bag with all the es­sen­tials, even if you’re trav­el­ling light

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