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16 Best blog­ging body

if YOU’RE fa­mil­iar with such names as Peter Mckin­non and Casey Nei­s­tat, you might be in­ter­ested in shoot­ing your own video blogs. You might also like to know that these two vlog­ging gi­ants, along with many oth­ers, switched to the Canon EOS 6D Mark II (Mckin­non hav­ing moved from the mighty 1D X) as it is widely con­sid­ered the best cam­era for film­ing vlogs, de­spite lack­ing 4K. With its smaller chas­sis, full-frame sen­sor, Vari-an­gle screen and Dual Pixel AF, it’s the best tool for the job.

17 Shoot­ing video

WHETHER YOU want to film vlogs, shoot your kids play­ing in the park or get footage of your friend walk­ing down the aisle, your Canon’s great video fea­tures mean that you can cap­ture all those magic mo­ments. Just like shoot­ing pho­tos, tak­ing the set­tings off auto will pro­duce much bet­ter re­sults. Set your pre­ferred fram­er­ate (24fps or 25fps will give you a cin­e­matic look), which your shut­ter speed should dou­ble (so that’s 1/50 sec). Keep your ISO as low as pos­si­ble and use the aper­ture to con­trol the light – vin­tage or cine lenses with man­ual aper­ture rings are ideal.

18 Shed some light on things

NAT­U­RAL LIGHT is a great raw ma­te­rial to work with, but some­times it just isn’t quite enough. Some­times you just need a lit­tle bit of fill, some­times you need to cre­ate light where there isn’t any, so arm­ing yourself with a flash unit and a re­flec­tor is a great way to learn how to ma­nip­u­late light. Us­ing a re­flec­tor en­ables you to bounce ex­ist­ing am­bi­ent light, per­fect for shoot­ing out­doors or in sit­u­a­tions where the light is orig­i­nat­ing from the wrong di­rec­tion. Mount­ing a speed light ei­ther on your cam­era or (prefer­ably!) off-cam­era is an af­ford­able way to pro­duce a pow­er­ful, ver­sa­tile light source. For video, the Ro­to­light Neo se­ries or the compact new Pro­foto B10s are ideal for con­stant light.

19 Go­ing wire­less

IV, US­ING Wi-fi has al­ready rev­o­lu­tion­ized the way we use our phones and lap­tops, and we can use that same tech­nol­ogy on many Canon cam­eras. Re­mote Live View shoot­ing and wire­less image trans­fer are avail­able on bod­ies like the EOS 5D Mk

6D Mk II and 80D via the Canon Cam­era Con­nect app on your smart­phone. The Canon WFT-E8B Wire­less File Trans­mit­ter un­locks the same fea­tures on the 1D X Mk II, but with much faster file trans­fer.

20 Tak­ing re­mote con­trol

if YOU don’t want to go to the has­sle of us­ing your phone to fire your cam­era, you can al­ways go old school with a re­mote shut­ter re­lease. These come in the form of a cable re­lease, the in­frared Canon RC-6 Wire­less Re­mote Con­trol, or the Blue­tooth op­er­ated Canon BR-E1 Wire­less Re­mote Con­trol. These are for when you need to elim­i­nate cam­era shake, like long ex­po­sures.

Know­ing the re­la­tion­ship be­tween aper­ture and shut­ter speed is just as im­por­tant with video

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