It’s all a mat­ter of fo­cus

The viewfinder isn’t the only way – or even the best way – of fo­cus­ing your shots…

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01 op­ti­cal Viewfinder

When fo­cus­ing through the viewfinder, you’re limited to a set num­ber of fo­cus points bunched within the cen­tre axis of the frame. If your point of fo­cus isn’t within this range, how­ever, you will have to fo­cus and re­com­pose.

02 touch Fo­cus

On bod­ies with a touch screen, you can tap any­where on the LCD to fo­cus. You can change the size of your fo­cus point and, on mir­ror­less mod­els, even touch and drag your fo­cus point on the LCD while you look through the viewfinder.

03 Fo­cus peak­ing

Ex­clu­sive to mir­ror­less bod­ies, fo­cus peak­ing rev­o­lu­tion­izes the art of man­ual fo­cus­ing. It su­per­im­poses a coloured high­light around the edges of what­ever is cur­rently in fo­cus, giv­ing you ra­zor­sharp re­sults even with­out 20:20 vi­sion!

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