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Our Brian an­swers all of your tricky tech­ni­cal ques­tions and rates a reader’s photo

Brian Says… When the flash is set to Ext. A (auto) mode it gets the cur­rent aper­ture and ISO set­tings from the cam­era au­to­mat­i­cally via the hot­shoe, or a ra­dio trans­mit­ter on the cam­era.

If Ext. M (man­ual) mode is cho­sen, you must in­put the aper­ture and ISO on the flash it­self. I some­times use Ext. A mode for off-cam­era flashes that are light­ing a back­ground. Once set, the back­ground bright­ness stays the same even if the aper­ture value changes

Ext. M can be used for light paint­ing with long exposures, you set the aper­ture and ISO to en­sure that each flash is the cor­rect bright­ness.

Ext. M and Ext. A modes use a light sen­sor on the flash to mea­sure the light, and the amount of light is de­ter­mined by the flash, not cam­era

Flash set to Ext. A lights be­hind the model, en­sur­ing the ex­po­sure is con­sis­tent

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