Take your neon ’80s por­trait to the next level with a few edit­ing tweaks

Photo Plus - - Canon Skills -

01 re­move dis­trac­tions

Load up your im­age in Pho­to­shop CC and use the Patch tool (J) to draw around any un­wanted light spots, then click and drag the se­lected area over an un­af­fected bit of your shot. The Patch tool will match the tex­ture of the dragged area and cut out bad spots.

03 ev­ery Tweak you make

Start by in­creas­ing the Ex­po­sure by +0.3 to make the im­age a bit brighter. Then lift the Shad­ows with +20 to bring out some de­tail in the darker ar­eas of the pho­to­graph; this is es­pe­cially no­tice­able around the tyres and grilles on the car here.

02 con­vert To a smart ob­ject

Let’s con­vert our layer to a smart ob­ject to give us some more op­tions. Right-click on the layer and go to Con­vert to Smart Ob­ject, then head to Fil­ter> cam­era Raw Fil­ter. Changes you make in Cam­era Raw are non-de­struc­tive, so you can ad­just them later.

04 Pour some light on me

With the Ra­dial fil­ter, draw a cir­cle around the sub­jects. Un­der Ef­fects tick In­side and hover over the drop pin to see the masked area you’re af­fect­ing. Now to brighten the shot boost Ex­po­sure +1.5, lift Shad­ows +20 and drop Blacks -20 to keep con­trast cen­tral­ized.

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