Look a lit­tle closer and learn to go for more creative com­po­si­tions

While you’re out shoot­ing big au­tumn scenes, learn to look for close-up macro shots and other creative op­por­tu­ni­ties

Photo Plus - - Autumn Photo Skills -

14 GET­TING CLOSE to sub­jects with a macro lenses is a great way to cap­ture colour and fea­tures in a way the naked eye doesn’t usu­ally see. When you’re us­ing a macro lens, such as a 50mm or 100mm f/2.8, be warned that when fo­cus­ing and com­pos­ing so close, depth of field is hugely re­duced. This means that rather than shoot­ing wide open at f/2.8, you’ll need to shoot at f/8 or even f/16 to en­sure the whole sub­ject is cap­tured sharply. For this mega close-up show­ing the veins in this won­der­ful red leaf, it’s been im­por­tant to en­sure the lens is par­al­lel and square-on to the leaf so the whole frame is sharp, with no ar­eas drop­ping out of fo­cus. Use a tri­pod for th­ese shots, and take your leaves in­doors out of the wind, and use dif­fused light from a win­dow, or a light­box.

15 CANON PRO Ben Hall used his trusty Canon 1D Mark IV here at a shut­ter speed of 1/2 sec to cre­ate an ab­stract im­pres­sion of this au­tum­nal oak. By de­lib­er­ately mov­ing the cam­era dur­ing the ex­po­sure, he was able to cre­ate a painterly ef­fect while ren­der­ing some tex­ture to trunk of the tree. It was sunny so he un­der­ex­posed by nearly –2-stops us­ing some ex­po­sure com­pen­sa­tion to pre­vent the high­lights on the leaves from blow­ing. This also helped darken the shad­ows be­hind the tree, sep­a­rat­ing the tree from its sur­round­ings and en­hanc­ing the vi­brant colours of the leaves.

16 SOME­TIMES LESS IS MORE in pho­tog­ra­phy. Rather than try­ing to pho­to­graph a clus­ter of dry leaves on the ground, con­cen­trate on one leaf that’s in nice con­di­tion and well lit by the sun­shine. Use a wide aper­ture and be bold with your fram­ing.

Cre­ate a make-shift light­box with a flash, some glass and grease-proof pa­per to back-light leaves 14


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