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Im­prove your land­scape im­ages with these es­sen­tial ed­its

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ev­ery shot re­quires its own tai­lor-made ed­its, but there are a few gen­eral ed­its that we can apply to most, if not all of our land­scapes. The sub­ject mat­ter and the cam­era set­tings we tend to use for land­scapes make some ed­its es­sen­tial. So in this tu­to­rial, we’ll go through some of the key ed­its you can make.

One such edit is lens cor­rec­tion. To some ex­tent ev­ery lens we use will have flaws. With land­scapes these flaws can be more no­tice­able be­cause we of­ten shoot with wide an­gles, and these tend to dis­play greater fring­ing and bar­rel dis­tor­tion. Luck­ily lens is­sues can be fixed in Light­room or Cam­era Raw. To do this, we make use of the large data­base of lens pro­files to au­to­mat­i­cally fix the prob­lem.

We also tend to shoot land­scapes with a nar­row aper­ture, and this can bring a few more is­sues. With more of the scene in fo­cus, the higher the chances of record­ing no­tice­able flaws. Any dust or marks on the sen­sor will be more ob­vi­ous, es­pe­cially if they ap­pear in oth­er­wise de­tail-less ar­eas like a sky, and even more so if shoot­ing into the sun. These are sim­ple to fix – but it’s bet­ter to have a clean sen­sor in the first place!

An­other eter­nal prob­lem with land­scapes is the ques­tion of how to bal­ance land and sky. In this re­gard we can use a com­bi­na­tion of tonal tools to pull de­tail out of the shad­ows and res­cue it in the high­lights, re­sult­ing in a bal­anced, de­tail-rich land­scape.

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