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Set your Canon up to be the best it can be with these sim­ple, yet ef­fec­tive tips and tricks

Photo Plus - - 50 Canon Tips -

01 Choose a pic­ture style

Canon’s Pic­ture Styles are dif­fer­ent bun­dles of sharp­ness, con­trast, sat­u­ra­tion and colour tone that can be ap­plied to your pho­to­graphs. De­spite some of them shar­ing sim­i­lar names to your cam­era’s Scene Modes, they’re sim­ply ef­fects that are ap­plied to an im­age and don’t play any role in con­trol­ling other set­tings. For in­stance, choos­ing the Por­trait Pic­ture Style ad­justs the colour tone and re­duces the sharp­ness to pro­duce softer, flat­ter­ing skin tones; it has no ef­fect on ex­po­sure, fo­cus­ing and drive mode. You can tweak the Pic­ture Styles on the cam­era and even cook up your own unique style recipe us­ing Canon’s Pic­ture Style Ed­i­tor.

02 im­age qual­ity

For the best qual­ity im­ages, you need to shoot Raw files, although these can take a bit longer to save to the mem­ory card and they need pro­cess­ing be­fore you can share on­line or print them. For eas­ier and quicker shar­ing, choose the high­est-qual­ity JPEG. You can also record Raw files and JPEGS at the same time, although this will fill a mem­ory card faster.

03 avoid dust

Dust on your cam­era’s sen­sor will ap­pear as dark blobs on your pic­tures. To avoid dust and other par­ti­cles get­ting into your cam­era, avoid chang­ing lenses in windy con­di­tions, and an­gle the cam­era down when you re­move and fit them. Did you know that you can fit the cam­era’s body cap and the lens’s rear cap to­gether to keep their in­sides free of dust too?

04 Keep it clear

IF ev­ery­thing looks a bit fuzzy through the viewfinder, it doesn’t al­ways mean that your cam­era’s fo­cus­ing sys­tem is on the blink. EOS DSLRS from the 200D up­wards fea­ture a diopter ad­just­ment wheel be­hind the rub­ber eye­cup. This al­lows you to ad­just the sharp­ness of the viewfinder im­age.

It can be eas­ier to judge the ef­fect if you look at the dis­play rather than the im­age as you make ad­just­ments.

05 My Menu

se­lect one of your cam­era’s Cre­ative Zone modes – M, Av, Tv or P – and you un­lock more menu op­tions, in­clud­ing the green My Menu tab. This lets you save a range of your fre­quently used set­tings in one place, so you can quickly ac­cess them at any time. Your cam­era may al­low you to save sev­eral pages of My Menu op­tions, and change the Menu dis­play set­ting so that the green tab is the au­to­mat­i­cally dis­played first when you press the MENU but­ton.

06 Re­view­ing im­ages

you Can change the amount of in­for­ma­tion dis­played on the cam­era’s screen when you play your im­ages by re­peat­edly tap­ping the INFO or DISP but­ton. Choose your favourite in­for­ma­tion screen (we’d go for the his­togram screen) and this will be the de­fault view when you next press the Play­back but­ton. Also, make sure you have Auto Ro­tate ac­ti­vated in the yel­low Set-up Menu, as this means you don’t have to ro­tate the cam­era to view ver­ti­cal im­ages.

07 Beep off

Make your pho­tog­ra­phy less in­tru­sive by turn­ing off the fo­cus con­fir­ma­tion and timer beeps in the red Shoot­ing menu. The only time to leave it on is if you’re us­ing man­ual fo­cus – the cam­era will beep when it de­tects that the sub­ject is sharp.

08 Firmware up­dates

Canon re­leases firmware – soft­ware that en­sures your EOS func­tions cor­rectly – which you can up­load to your cam­era. You can check which firmware is in­stalled on your cam­era in the yel­low Set-up menu. Visit the Canon web­site to check if there are any up­dates – you’ll need to down­load the firmware to a mem­ory card, put this in your cam­era and fol­low the in­struc­tions on the firmware screen. Or, con­nect your cam­era to your com­puter and use EOS Util­ity to check and up­date the firmware.

09 set but­ton

By de­fault,

the SET but­ton has no func­tion when you’re tak­ing pic­tures. You can as­sign a func­tion to it in the Cus­tom Func­tions menu – look for As­sign SET but­ton or Cus­tom Con­trols. The op­tions avail­able vary be­tween cam­eras, but it can be use­ful to as­sign the depth of field pre­view func­tion on those EOS bod­ies that lack a but­ton. An­other op­tion is to have SET give you in­stant mag­ni­fi­ca­tion when re­view­ing.

10 Con­trol the cam­era

tap­ping the Q but­ton brings up the Quick Con­trol screen where you’re able to ad­just cam­era set­tings with­out hav­ing to dip into the menus. Although you can se­lect an op­tion and press SET to open a sep­a­rate screen for each op­tion, save time by high­light­ing the func­tion and ro­tat­ing the main dial to make an ad­just­ment. This short­cut doesn’t work for shoot­ing mode, Cus­tom Con­trols or White Bal­ance Shift/bracket.



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