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OPINION Bring your garden 9 June 12, 2019 www.communityn­ BACK LIFE Elderly not the problem READER’S PICTURE TO I WOULD like to comment on Sam McDonald’s letter about testing aged drivers. OK, I get it, it’s frustratin­g for you to watch, but arranging their walking sticks or whatever other aid they use to help them walk while stationary has nothing to do with their driving skills, so I don’t see your point. Something a lot more frustratin­g to watch is people not in the elderly age bracket driving while on their mobile phones, texting, talking and just asking for an accident to happen. By the time they react it’s too late. This is the epidemic and what should be clamped down on, especially while accidents are on the rise because of this reason. So please, don’t blame the elderly and keep your eyes on the road and not on your phone. Elderly driver supporter. Mulches Blended Soils Mushroom Compost Lawn Top-Dresser Cow Manure Sheep Manure Gravels Cement Pavers Limestone Blocks Sands FIREWOOD 130 $ PER TRAILER RACHEL Kelly and her daughter saw this amazing scarlet sunset on their way home from school, which promoted an impromptu stop at the beach. She said the colours on the surface of the ocean were incredible and the sky changed to red, pink and yellow tones. Rachel has won a 12x18 inch print of her photo, valued at $37, courtesy of Mandurah Camera House. Winners should collect a voucher from the and take it to Mandurah Camera House along with their photo on a USB. Send your favourite photo to [email protected]­ • Free Trailer Use Available • Truck Delivery Available Coastal Times LINDA GELVIN, Halls Head Old Coast Road, where you will see hoons by the dozens speeding, tailgating, cutting off, etc. It is just an accident waiting to happen. That is a very dangerous environmen­t. Some elderly person getting out of a vehicle in a carpark is not very likely to injure or kill someone. How do you propose elderly people should get around then? There is no bus service at Miami Plaza. You should have more considerat­ion for the elderly, Mr McDonald, as guess what, you will become one some day. Dangers are elsewhere RE: “Test age skills” (June 5), are you for real? Why don’t you travel a bit further west from Miami Plaza shopping centre to that speedway called 45 GORDON ROAD, MANDURAH (08) 9581 7570 KEVIN ALDRIDGE, Falcon [email protected]­ • www.mandurahro­ “Life continues as it always has, except with a bit of help.” Bethanie Home Care lets you live at home with confidence. At Bethanie, we know that companions­hip is often just as important as physical help. From nursing and regularly checking your wellbeing, to helping with the chores and involving you in community events and social activities, we’ll make sure you never feel alone in your own home. Find a warm and friendly approach to Home Care with Bethanie today. Call 131 151 anytime or visit

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