WRC 10 The Official Game

Here’s looking at you, skid


Games with yearly updates, like Kardashian­s, always tend to look the same. There might be a facelift, but it can be hard to tell one from another. The latest entry in this series, however, manages to differenti­ate itself from its relatives in (mostly) positive ways that go further than a more user-friendly top menu.

That official WRC licence continues to be put to good use, with more official cars, tracks, and drivers than you can shake a gearstick at. This includes the new Estonia, Croatia, Belgium, and Spain rallies, and, in celebratio­n of the WRC’s 50th anniversar­y next year, there are more historic rallies than ever.

Moment-to-moment play, meanwhile, has been sharpened so that it’s the best it’s ever been. The physics, which last year had a few holes, have been improved enough to prevent you having to worry about the rare occasions when your car seems to flip over a pebble. The engines don’t even sound like angry washing machines any more!


Co-drivers have been injected with more personalit­y.

Complete a sector in particular­ly good time and they’ll yell in triumph; veer off track or crash, and they’ll react with surprise, concern, or – amusingly – sarcasm. You can switch off the comments, but we love ’em.

It’s not all good news on the changes front, though. There’s a 120fps mode for fancy screens, but otherwise we recommend sticking with Balanced visuals.

In celebratio­n of the WRC’s 50th anniversar­y next year, there are more historic rallies than ever.

Using the High-Fidelity mode offers only a minor upgrade, and the price is a major hit to the framerate and odd blurring.

Even sticking to Balanced, using a third-person camera can sometimes lead to frame drops and even brief screen tearing. It doesn’t ruin the experience, but it’s disappoint­ing to see in a racer. At least you can still pick your own name in Career mode. Just ask our driver Walter Rally and co-driver Spanish Amanda.

Although the framerate has taken a step backwards, everything else is as good as, or better than, before. A rally racing experience that doesn’t disappoint. Luke Kemp

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