It’s all gone Tron

- Luke Kemp

Although it’s slightly reductive to say that in this game you play as a little person running around inside a computer… well, you are, and the system is run by a rogue AI that you need to shut down. What this means in practical terms is playing a metroidvan­ia platform shooter. A rather flawed one, sadly.

One of Recompile’s main problems is that it takes far too long for movement to become fun rather than frustratin­g. Eventually you’ll have infinite mid-air jumps, a glide, and then a jetpack at your disposal. But before you reach that point – which comes when the game is almost over – the platformin­g often demands a precision that the controls simply don’t deliver. It’s far too easy to wander down the wrong path or miss the right one, too. For at least the first half of the game, progress can feel like far more of a struggle than it should.

It’s a shame, because chunks of the adventure are great fun. The bosses, while few in number, are well designed. They’re challengin­g to fight without ever feeling unfair, and very satisfying to defeat. A few of the logic gate puzzles make you feel terribly clever when you solve them,1 and environmen­ts are compact enough to encourage you to chase those optional collectibl­es. There are even multiple endings, earned and delivered in an interestin­g way.

Nonetheles­s, Recompile ultimately isn’t as tightly designed as a metroidvan­ia needs to be in order to be enjoyable, something best summed up in the fact that at least one fundamenta­l upgrade is actually missable – something we discovered the (very) hard way.2 There’s a good time to be had in this visually striking virtual world, but you’ll have to work hard to defrag it.

FOOTNOTES 1 Assuming you don’t just hack through the circuits. 2 Hours later, when we were unable to activate a portal and had to backtrack a very long way.

 ??  ?? INFO FORMAT PS5 PRICE £19.99 ETA Out now PUB Dear Villagers
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INFO FORMAT PS5 PRICE £19.99 ETA Out now PUB Dear Villagers DEV Phigames PLAYERS 1

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