I Expect You To Die 2: The Spy & The Liar

You’ll come back for Moore

- Luke Kemp

Have you ever wanted to be a secret agent? Then you’ll love playing out certain aspects of the James Bond lifestyle in VR1 here. With a sense of humour that sits somewhere between 1970s tongue-in-cheek Bond and Austin Powers farce, you’ll get to solve puzzles and outsmart villains with the best of them.

It doesn’t matter if you missed the first game. All you need to know is that your enemies know you as The Phoenix as you were presumed dead, and it’s your job to continue to be hard to kill. The PS Move controller­s allow for a pleasing level of interactiv­ity with the world, and telekinesi­s allows you to grab and move objects at any distance, meaning that space and detection issues are almost nonexisten­t.

It’s a seated experience with very little in the way of guidance, but this is no Statik-style hardcore puzzler. It usually takes us a few goes to complete a mission, but we work out what to do eventually,2 and often feel cool doing it. The final two missions are wonderful, including an improvised escape and the defusing of nuclear warheads.

Death means restarting a mission from scratch. That’s understand­able – there are only six, and each probably averages about five minutes played flawlessly – but it can sometimes be frustratin­g. Once you’ve seen the credits, speedruns and missed collectibl­es tempt you back. If that’s not your thing, there are optional interactio­ns and alternate solutions to explore; but you’ll have more or less seen everything there is. Great spyflavour­ed fun while it lasts, though, and don’t forget your headset – it’s

VR eyes only.

FOOTNOTES 1 We know what you’re thinking, and no, not those aspects. 2 Apart from the fourth mission, where there’s a missable hint. Try on all the masks!

 ??  ?? INFO FORMAT PSVR PRICE £19.99 ETA Out now PUB Schell Games DEV Schell Games PLAYERS 1
INFO FORMAT PSVR PRICE £19.99 ETA Out now PUB Schell Games DEV Schell Games PLAYERS 1

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