E love a good PS5 upgrade at PLAY Towers. An excuse to revisit old favourites made even better? Sign us up. And we’re expecting The Witcher 3: Complete Edition

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Wto be a major one (especially as it’s a free upgrade). Nail this version of the incredible RPG, and we’ll be tossing coins to witchers left, right, and centre, even willing to forgive Cyberpunk 2077’s launch debacle. Speaking of tossing – Mim], the Complete Edition will include brandnew DLC “inspired by” the Henry Cavill-led Netflix Witcher series. We don’t expect this to go as far as the PC mod that transplant­ed Cavill into the game itself, but we’re eager to see what it actually entails. Most likely, it’ll be a few items you’ll be able to pick up that look like ones from the TV show. But we wouldn’t turn our nose up at new quests, whether they’re strictly canon or not. Geralt has to think about some things in the bath, right?

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