Berend De Leeuw Game:

Ghost Of Tsushima

“I chose [GOT] because of how rich it is with breathtaki­ng vistas, themes, colours, and just sheer beauty,” says De Leeuw. “I happened to arrive at Cloud Ridge Shrine when the sun was shining through the bamboo trees, creating these breathtaki­ng god rays. I tried to create an almost heavenly feeling, as if you’re on the pathway between life and death.”

2 Ilyas Ben Haddou Game:

Final Fantasy VII Remake

“Good advice for this game is to combine multiple attacks and abilities that the game offers,” explains Ben Haddou, highlighti­ng Barret’s Catastroph­e. The game’s photo mode is limited, so forcing these effects can result in a little extra oomph. “I very much like to use the Limit Breaks and attacks like Ascension and Ray Of Judgment,” says Ben Haddou.

3 Andrew Coxon Game:

Shadow Of The Colossus

“To bring this Colossus down, you have to land a killing blow on top of the Colossus’ head. I thought creating a silhouette while highlighti­ng its bright orange eyes would make for an interestin­g shot,” says Coxon. It certainly worked! Highlighti­ng a memorable moment of gameplay – it’s striking. His next stop is TLOU2, hoping to snap some emotion.

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