Three opposing factions control Santo Ileso. You’ll need to best them all



For this group, every day is leg day. And arm day. And the rest of it. The members value physical power above all else, whether that’s taking care of scraps with melee weapons, or using hefty guns. Considerin­g themselves the heart of the city, they’re based in an abandoned motor factory. MARSHALL DEFENSE INDUSTRIES

This private military company literally towers over Santo Ileso, its building flaunting its wealth from the commercial district. With high-tech weapons, its members are all about precision attacks or buying their way out of problems. THE IDOLS

With a name like that, the members of this gang could only be fuelled by the promise of fame. Anarchists, the brash and loud group is easy to spot thanks to its distinctiv­e style, gang members throwing loud parties in and around their territory – the mansion hills of Upper Santo Ileso.

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