PS4-to-PS5 game updates chewed on


PS5 continues to enhance gaming experience­s in a very real way. This time we’re only spotlighti­ng one full native upgrade (which we’ve been waiting for for quite a while), plus two open worlds that have bespoke PS5 patches that double the framerate to 60fps.

Months after the game was released on PS4, we’ve finally got the proper PS5

version of Little

Nightmares 2. The game was always pencilled in for the new-gen console, and it is indeed the better version if you’ve been able to wait. Even if you haven’t, the game is short enough and atmospheri­c enough to be worth a replay (it’s a free upgrade too, so won’t cost you any extra). New particle effects, volumetric shadows, and ray-traced reflection­s add a lot to the tone, as does a 3D audio soundscape if you want to feel a chill down your spine. As is often the way, you have two visual modes to pick from – Beauty mode runs at 4K/30fps, and Performanc­e mode at dynamic 4K/60fps. Both feature ray tracing, though the former has more of it.

Next, kicking off a couple of pretty notable PS5 patches for PS4 games is Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Would you rather sail across the Greek islands than journey across foggy, soggy olde England as a Viking? Fair enough. Load up 2018’s Assassin’s Creed outing on PS5 and you’ll be able to adventure around the beautiful blue Aegean at 60fps, double the original framerate. It’s particular­ly nice to have enhancemen­ts like this in an open-world game, as the more responsive movement adds greatly to your sense of freedom. Sneaking around enemy camps and stabbing bad guys in the neck (and other vulnerable areas) has never felt this immersive.

Similarly, Horizon Zero Dawn has received a hefty upgrade on PS5. For those disappoint­ed in Horizon Forbidden West’s delay to 18 Feb 2022, the bump up to 60fps in the original game provides a good excuse to revisit the post-apocalypti­c world. As in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, the open world really benefits from the extra responsive­ness, but it really assists with Horizon’s unique style of combat too. Some of the larger battles against the robotic animals can get quite tense as you juggle shooting weak points and laying down traps for bonus damage. Doubling the possible framerate really makes those skirmishes come alive.

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