Watch Dogs: Legion – Assassin’s Creed Crossover

Sister of the blade


Legion’s 5.5 post-launch update introduces new online and campaign modes but we’re going to focus on its main act. London remains in dire straits, so a trained assassin is unlikely to make things much worse. Title Update 5.5 introduces Darcy Clarkson, a woman with a “deeply rooted connection to the London-based brotherhoo­d.” ‘Knife to meet you,’ we say!

You get acquainted with her through two story missions plus a smattering of side-missions that are free for everyone. The aforementi­oned new modes, including one where you tackle hordes of the undead, are also freebies.

Darcy’s arsenal is tailored towards stealth. The sneaky approach gets a suitably futuristic update in the shape of Darcy’s AR disguise. Paired with her wrist-mounted blade, it’s a killer combinatio­n. When things are too crowded for the one-on-one approach, Darcy can whip out her gun. She can then either bump off enemies from afar or shoot them with darts that make foes lose their senses and carry out Darcy’s dirty work for her.

Darcy boasts one final tool of her deadly trade.

Her Eagle Drone fulfils a similar scouting role to Eivor’s raven, except this bit of tech can also self-destruct and emit a localised electromag­netic pulse. Very neat, but we’re glad Sýnin doesn’t explode in a messy plume of feathers in Valhalla. Darcy is playable in campaign and online modes outside this crossover, but only for Season Pass owners.

Darcy’s AR disguise plus wrist-mounted blade are a killer combinatio­n.

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