Season of the Witch

The Witch Queen comes to Destiny 2


Season Of The Lost has already begun, introducin­g a new artefact, exotic weapon, and glitzy armour set to Destiny 2. If you’ve already got the premium season pass, you can slip into the seasonal armour and pick up the Lorentz Driver exotic linear fusion rifle right now. The longest season to date, it’ll run until 22 February next year, which is when the heavily teased Witch Queen expansion will finally drop.

Destiny’s years of accumulate­d lore can be tricky to untangle at the best of times but here’s what you need to know: major player and Queen Of The Awoken Mara Sov (that’s her in the picture above) is back in the Dreaming City, stirring things up in a bid to gain audience with a particular long-time villain. In the new six-player Astral Alignment activity, you’ll help Mara Sov light the way to the Shattered Realm and rescue her fellow Tech Witches who’re lost there.

If you’re far from green as a Guardian, you’ll already be aware of big bad Savathûn, the terrifying Witch Queen herself. However, if you’ve not been keeping up to date with all things Destiny, all you need to know is that she’s spooky, scheming, and even taller than Resident Evil’s Lady Dimitrescu. We doubt we’re the only ones who are eager to make her acquaintan­ce.

Major player Mara Sov is back in the Dreaming City, stirring things up.

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