Online games still holding our attention


Free-to-play title Genshin Impact had our attention long before Guerrilla Games and Mihoyo announced that Aloy would be venturing to Teyvat. The Horizon Zero Dawn protagonis­t will be completely free to players who have reached Adventure Rank 20, and she’ll boast bow attacks as well as ice elemental affinity.

Genshin’s gacha elements and microtrans­actions are impossible to ignore but it’s worth highlighti­ng just how much game you do get for free. If you have your heart set on someone for your party, you’re best off keeping an eye on the store and putting down real-world cash for them. But if you’re happy to go with the flow when it comes to party compositio­n, Genshin will reward persistent exploratio­n of its massive open world with free gacha go-arounds. It’s not overly generous in dishing these out but they’re given at frequent enough intervals that we don’t feel like we’re losing out by not paying up.

It’s clear that Genshin’s appealing cast is Mihoyo’s real money-maker as every part of its open world is offered for no cost. Every chapter presents a sizeable chunk of story, with the latest 2.1 update set to wrap up chapter 2’s Archon Quests. Titled Floating World Under The Moonlight, the story update ties up some loose threads on the recently added archipelag­o of Inazuma and will introduce even more characters for players to net from gacha pulls.

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