Digging into the random acts of gaming a lengthy PS Plus subscripti­on offers


Psychonaut­s 2 is here at last (be sure to check out our review starting on p84) and there’s no better time to revisit another Double Fine classic. Available on PS4 as a complete story via PS Plus back in October 2015, Broken Age initially debuted as a game of two halves.

Protagonis­ts Vella and Shay seemingly live worlds apart but each chafes at the constraint­s of their home environmen­t. Shay initially finds himself penned in by AI parents while Vella is destined for sacrifice to the monstrous Mog Chothra and works to end her hometown’s ritual killing of young girls.

A point-and-click adventure that boasts all the visual polish we’ve come to expect from developer Double Fine, we gave the complete pack 9/10 back in our earlier incarnatio­n as Official PlayStatio­n Magazine. A glowing review, though upon reflection we do have to question the sidebar’s insistence that it’s even better than the iconic Grim Fandango.

Broken Age makes big swings with its structure but doesn’t quite hit it out of the park when it comes to dovetailin­g its two halves. This is perhaps most obvious in an Act Two puzzle that clumsily crosses the boards between Shay and Vella’s worlds without giving you much guidance on how to bring everything in step. Broken Age is still Double Fine dining but it stops just short of being cream of the crop.

Speaking of tasty treats, that brings us to September’s PS Plus selection. Overcooked! All

You Can Eat on PS5 was the main dish – and you can read more about the friendship-ruining series’ history in our retro feature starting on p108. For dessert on PS4, Plus subscriber­s could also pick up asymmetric­al multiplaye­r shooter Predator: Hunting Grounds and stealthy puzzle box Hitman 2.

Bloody lovely!

 ??  ?? Love point-and-click games? You won’t want to miss this.
Love point-and-click games? You won’t want to miss this.
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