We asked Ghost Town Games what goes into crafting an absolute groaner of a pun


Gemma Langford: [Laughs] I know people have said they hated me for coming up with ‘The Unbread.’ Do you know what? If you can believe it there’s actually a lot of craft behind a really bad pun! Basically I’ll sit there for like, you know, half an hour with a thesaurus with some beautiful word and go, ‘What rhymes or what sounds like this beautiful word that I’ve got?’ […] I’m sitting there and going ‘Momentous meat, meaty, mighty meaty?’

Phil Duncan: I hear you muttering to yourself a lot. [Laughs]

GL: For ‘Unbread’ I would’ve been sat there going like, ‘Evil bread. Evil Bread? No, not Evil Bread, can’t do that… Gotta get around those trademarks!’ [All laugh]

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