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Remember Destructio­n AllStars? It debuted on PS Plus in February. This multiplaye­r vehicular combat title’s dwindling player count aside, developer Lucid Games is rumoured to already be looking to the future with a different IP: Twisted Metal.

The series hasn’t seen a release in nearly a decade – the last was on PS3 – and supposedly the new game would see a 2023 release to coincide with an upcoming TV show. Given Lucid Games’ previous experience with Destructio­n AllStars, car combat MOBA Switchblad­e,

and a small role on Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered, it seems an obvious candidate to take up Twisted Metal’s reins. This new entry may be based on a free-to-play model, allegedly in response to Destructio­n AllStars’ last-minute switch from making its debut as a full-priced release to a PS Plus offering. Given both Destructio­n AllStars and Switchblad­e struggled to find an audience, time will tell if Twisted Metal will be on to a winner this way.

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