1 Dale Aistrop Game: Dirt 5

“I had to pick Dirt 5 for the mud shot, especially on PS5,” shares Aistrop. “The graphics are so satisfying and the devs behind the photo mode are geniuses.” The shot definitely conveys a sense of speed. Aistrop drove at “100mph, pulling the handbrake, hoping not to die, and praying the mud forms in the right place.”

2 Josh Ginsberg Game: Ghost Of Tsushima

“My interest in virtual photograph­y started earlier this year, and has grown into a full-blown hobby,” shares Ginsberg. “I now spend as much time taking photos as I do playing games!” Ghost Of Tsushima is a particular­ly sprawling one to get lost in, and sports one of the best photo modes we’ve seen. Go and get muddy.

3 Andrew Coxon Game: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

“The game is full of amazing set-pieces and this scene when Drake is being pulled through the mud is one of them,” says Coxon, of this capture of one of his favourite games. “The best advice I could give someone is to read some real-life photograph­y tips,” he says, noting how a lot applies even to games.

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