PSN games you might have missed


Every month, loads of games come to the PS Store. You’d be hard-pressed to play them all, so we look at some that didn’t quite make the cut this month to give our impression­s. This issue we’re grappling with the fate of the world, nuns, vampires, and even the postal service.

Kicking things off is a returning legend in Actraiser

Renaissanc­e. Part city builder and part side-scrolling action platformer, it’s remained something of a unique beast since its ’90s debut on the SNES. You direct an angel to raise a burgeoning civilisati­on, jumping in as a statue brought to life to fight the bigger beasties your winged assistant can’t get with their arrows. This is a loving remaster that introduces a ton of reimagined art assets, new actions, and new music (though you can switch between the old score and the remastered soundtrack, both by original composer Yuzo Koshiro). We’re definitely intrigued as this unique blend of activities makes its PlayStatio­n debut with Renaissanc­e.

Our next game is also fairly classic in feel. Melty Blood:

Type Lumina is a 2D fighter that’s like catnip for fighting game champs. With gorgeous sprites and frenetic aerial combos, it’s more than just a flashy fighter, boasting plenty of mechanical depth. This latest release does try to be a touch more welcoming to newbies through a simple control system. If you’ve pined after this stylish series for some time, this entry could be a good in-road. As a spin-off of the hugely popular adult visual novel series Tsukihime, the roster is filled with vampires, maids, and nuns, oh my! I don’t know about you, but that ticks plenty of boxes for me.

But leaving one-on-one bustups behind, we now turn our attention to something more collaborat­ive. KeyWe puts you in the toes of the titular flightless birds and tasks you with running a slightly surreal post office. As either Jeff or Debra (yes, really) you and a friend must do everything in your pint-sized power to pigeonhole that post. You can peck, jump, and even butt-slam your way to solving all of your postal problems… which are unique conundrums to say the least. Between navigating troubled waters, feeding cassowarie­s, and tangling with unruly plant life, there’s seldom a dull moment in this office. This is definitely one for lovers of Overcooked! looking for another way to embrace the chaos.

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