PlayStatio­n 4 hits replayed on PS5. This month: Blood & Truth


As we await PSVR2, there’s still plenty of fun to be had with the original model on PS5 (once you get that free adapter from PlayStatio­n, of course). Because of the way virtual reality gaming works, the games can benefit greatly from a little extra boost of power.

Blood & Truth was an obvious choice to dip back into. Developed by Sony’s London Studio, the British-set crime thriller channels Guy Ritchie to deliver a bombastic action-packed shooter.

The studio was formed when Psygnosis Camden and Team Soho merged. The latter studio made The Getaway, and it shows. What’s more, over the years London Studio has helmed PlayStatio­n’s more experiment­al, peripheral­driven fare, putting out several SingStar and EyeToy games. It’s clear the studio really knows its stuff when it comes to getting the most out of weird hardware when others might not know where to begin.

All that is why its patch for Blood & Truth on PS5 gives such impressive results. It uses the extra power of the hardware, and you get the sense the studio knew exactly where to combine it with what PSVR already offers, what’s in the patch taking the game a step beyond the PS4 Pro upgrade.

On PS4 we got dynamic 1080p resolution, jumping to dynamic 1440p on PS4 Pro, and leaping to dynamic 2160p on PS5. Naturally, PS5 handles the basic Pro improvemen­ts including better shadow, textures and more detail. What pulls it all together is the leap from 60fps on both versions of PS4 to 90fps on PS5. To understand why that’s important, throw away your notions of frame counts on a big screen. In VR, every frame is vital. It requires high framerates to feel immersive and not queasify you. Hitting 90fps is transforma­tive. Looking for a PSVR showpiece? This is it.

 ?? ?? This patch means the PS5 version is the best yet, and that’s the Truth.
This patch means the PS5 version is the best yet, and that’s the Truth.
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