Dead By Daylight – Alien Chapter

Ripley, believe it or not

- Max Williams

After the promise of DBD’s next two Killers being licensed “with a capital L” in the anniversar­y stream this summer, the Alien chapter is definitely a strong opener. Long-rumoured and highly anticipate­d by players, this newest chapter of Dead By Daylight adds the Xenomorph, Ellen Ripley, and the wreckage of the Nostromo to the collection of horrors you can now experience and subject your friends to.

Taking some cues from the Demogorgon, the Xenomorph can travel beneath the map.

Taking some cues from Stranger Things’ dearly departed Demogorgon, the Xenomorph can travel beneath the map through a series of tunnels. Survivors walking above are visible through glowing yellow footprints, and popping out next to one gives you all sorts of advantages, hopefully giving them very good fright and snagging them for The Entity.

Over time, the Xenomorph’s secondary ability charges up. This is Crawler mode, which allows it to strike at a distance

using its tail rather than its claw. It can be used to great effect over ledges and pallets. All of this gives the Xenomorph some powerful advantages over the hapless humans, so to restore a bit of balance, control stations located by the tunnel entrances allow Survivors to equip flame turrets. Turrets can be carried any distance (though with some penalties) and set up at strategic locations, enabling the Survivors to toast any alien foolish enough to get close.

Fire will knock the Xenomorph out of Crawler mode, as well as provide a good distractio­n that allows the humans to run the hell away.

The Xenomorph is, naturally, the star of the chapter, but Ripley and the new map help make it an all-round success. There are some strong (and much-hoped-for) contenders for the next licensed chapter, such as Friday the 13th’s Jason Voorhees and FNAF’s Springtrap, but whatever we turn out to get, the thrilling Alien is going to be a tough act to follow.

 ?? ?? The Xenomorph being listed as ‘average’ height. Right now that seems like a fib!
The Xenomorph being listed as ‘average’ height. Right now that seems like a fib!
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