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£19.99, approx. (PS4,

More bang for your buck

Forget being wanted dead or alive, this supernatur­al wild west steampunk shooter has been wanted under £20 for a long time and it’s finally been spotted in the county. The action’s anything but subtle, and you’ll be using some explosive weaponry – from hefty shotties to sizzling electro gauntlets – to tear through legions of vampires and demons that have been unleashed. Those are definitely wanted dead. You can even team up with a friend for a spot of online co-op blasting. The PS5 upgrade is free, or you can nab a PS5 box for an extra couple of quid.

£14.99, approx. (PS5,

Budget cruise

This delightful­ly cute indie has you explore New Caledonia’s islands as the titular heroic child, able to spirit-hop between animals and objects alike (and even to bust out your ukulele to jam in a pinch). Enemies are creepy rag creatures who are susceptibl­e to you spirit-jumping disaster their way (which can have a slapstick quality). It’s constantly freeing and empowering to explore. Oléti means ‘thanks’ in Drehu, and this edition comes with a pack of in-game customisat­ion options that reference other indies including the likes of Cat Quest and Sifu.

£9.95, approx. (PS5, gamecollec­

Slasher prices

For the price of a movie ticket you can gather the whole family around the big screen to shout at one another about why you would let that character pull that lever in a potentiall­y lethal situation. This creepy summer camp horror comes from the Until Dawn studio, and it’s similarly lengthy (unlike the slightly snappier The Dark Pictures Anthology), meaning you’ll have plenty of time to get to know these doomed teens and to have serious opinions about what you think they should do to stay alive. Let’s hope they don’t differ too much from those of your fellow players.

 ?? ?? More than a few famous faces feature, including Justice Smith and some genuine horror movie icons.
More than a few famous faces feature, including Justice Smith and some genuine horror movie icons.
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