Vampire: The Masquerade – Justice

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- Luke Kemp

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Fighting vampires is okay, we guess, but being one is where the fun is really at, especially in VR. Clearly made with love for the World Of Darkness source material, this is one of the most pleasant surprises of the year – with a few caveats.

Although there’s a skill tree that allows you to unlock and upgrade abilities, you start off pleasingly powerful, with the ability to teleport short distances and an instakill leap attack. Your fists can send puny mortals flying (although this is a last resort). One of the best bits is feeding. Grab your prey, lean your head in, and enjoy your numnums for a triple threat of minor Hunger (increased each time you use a power) satiation, slight health regenerati­on, and a kill.

There’s a touch of Dishonored here, in that teleportat­ion is coupled with being encouraged to remain unseen and stick to elevated positions wherever possible. It’s disappoint­ing to see VR gameplay tropes being deployed,1 but in general Justice does an excellent job of making you feel like a strong yet fragile supernatur­al being.

Justice’s greatest problems lie at a technical level. It doesn’t fall down often, but when it does, it falls hard.2 Power through these issues and you’ll find a bloody good vampire adventure. The ending hints at a sequel; we hope it gets made. Justice is bat to the bone.

FOOTNOTES 1 There’s more climbing of drainpipes than you might expect of a vampire. 2 What is it with World Of Darkness games and technical issues? It’s a curse developers can’t break. The odd glitching enemy is more amusing than anything, but it’s hard to laugh when we have to restart a mission due to respawning half a mile above the map.

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