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£15.99, approx. (PS4,

Not breaking the dragon’s hoard

Yet to sup from the Dragon’s Dogma chalice and wondering why everyone is out of their gourd for the upcoming sequel? You’ve still got plenty of time to dip into the definitive version of the original and find out what all the fuss is about for yourself. And believe us, you’ll be in for a great time. A vast open world awaits, with plenty to discover under your own steam (waypoints are scarce), and tactile combat that has you hanging off huge beasts is both tense and slapstick. The sequel builds upon all these elements, so give this a go if you’re curious.

£14.99, approx. (PS5,

Price cut and run

Yuito and Kasane are psionics in the brainpunk world of Scarlet Nexus, each ending up on their own side of a twisted and complex conspiracy that, while hard to follow, gives you plenty of excuse for tearing up freaky little mutant enemies. While their stories cross over, each has their own storyline that you can play in either order to get the full picture. They also each specialise in different psychic powers, meaning the slick, impactful combat remains interestin­g. Go for the PS5 version as the adaptive triggers make the finishing moves oh-so-satisfying to use.

£3.95, approx. (PS4, gamecollec­

Tuning up

All music lovers will know that digital editions aren’t enough. You need that nice pressing, something for that space on the shelf. Luckily, in the case of this rhythm action indie about overthrowi­ng the EDM Empire using the power of rock and roll, this somewhat-limited physical edition is incredibly cheap. You play as both halves of Bunk Bed Junction, drummer Zuke and guitarist Mayday, whose quest to liberate Vinyl City has them laying down tunes against musical boss characters who each feature their own uniquely scored, large-scale battles.

 ?? ?? Zuke and Mayday will have taken down some spectacula­r bosses by the time they’re done.
Zuke and Mayday will have taken down some spectacula­r bosses by the time they’re done.
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