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Let’s say we blow this popsicle stand. November had the goods on PS Plus, offering Aliens Fireteam Elite on PS5 and PS4, and Dragon Ball: The Breakers on PS4. We knew it was only a matter of time for that latter offbeat online game – but that’s not the wise guy we’re here to discuss.

Mafia II: Definitive Edition.

Word on the street is that once upon a time this was a fairly mid third-person shooter, albeit one with a fantastic nobody-to-somebody mob story. Back in the bad old days of 2010, the original release on PS3 was let down by a largely unnecessar­y open world, unimaginat­ive shooting, and a slew of technical issues including missing graphical details on PS4 that were present on other platforms.

A long old decade followed that release, and this 2020 remaster attempted to right at least a few of those wrongs. It’s definitely a remaster, not a remake, and as such shows its age in terms of gameplay – but the vibes are killer. With post-war period-appropriat­e vehicles, licensed tracks,

and more all presented with a fresh lick of paint, there’s still an irresistib­le transporti­ve quality to the world – however shortlived the game might be.

Pounding the pavements may not do it for you, but the tale of Sicilian immigrant and war veteran Vito Scaletta just might. Joining the army to avoid jail time, he witnesses the power of the mob firsthand during a FUBAR military operation in Sicily, when none other than Don Calò steps in. As far as impetus for embarking on a life of crime goes, we can’t say fairer than that, though it’s far from smooth sailing up the ranks.

This remaster and its inclusion in PS Plus makes it easier than ever to see for yourself if the journey’s worth the effort (at the very least, it gives you an excuse to rewatch Goodfellas. Funny how?)

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