Meet your formerly villainous coworkers as they attempt bombencour­aged heroic rehab



Like a hyperactiv­e child, Captain Boomerang is all about staying on the move, thanks in part to a speed force gauntlet he pilfers early on. Even though he’s tapping into the same energy as speedy supe The Flash, he uses it differentl­y, homing in on his trusty boomerang and materialis­ing right in front of enemies to deliver a surprise blast of shotgun shells to the face.


Unsurprisi­ngly, Deadshot is all about the guns – it’s just a question of how close you want to use them. Even his melee attacks aren’t strictly melee, as he uses wrist cannons when he gets up close and personal. Able to get the most out of almost any weapon, he can tear things up with an assault rifle before using his jetpack to ascend for the perfect sniping vantage point.


With hard-hitting pistols and her trusty baseball bat, Harley sits neatly between being a brawler and dealing damage at range thanks to her acrobatic manoeuvres. With a grappling hook and a bat-drone also in her arsenal, she takes inspiratio­n from the Dark Knight to zip in and out of danger before rejoining the fray from a new angle – sliding under, over, and through foes.


The only truly superpower­ed member of the group, King Shark can naturally leap extremely far into the air and use his strength to clamber up almost any surface. That helps him in battle too as the higher they jump, the harder they fall – he deals lots of damage on re-entry. Not to mention he’s strong enough to use the heaviest of weapons, such as his minigun and huge cleavers.


…and there are more to come. While the story we’ve seen centres on the starting four, more squad members will be added for free, with unique suites of abilities. But who? Could we see support characters like Hack or Poison Ivy go full-time? Or perhaps the likes of the gun-toting Peacemaker, ice queen Killer Frost, or martial arts master Bronze Tiger? There are a lot of possibilit­ies.

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