PSN games you might have missed Every month, loads of games come to the PS Store. You’d be hard-pressed to play them all, so we’re looking at some that didn’t quite make the cut. This month we’re digging deep (literally), stealing from steampunk nobility


The Lord Of The Rings: Return To Moria.

Focusing on Middle-earth’s dwarves, this is a surprising­ly fresh angle for a LOTR game, mixing hefty dwarven combat as you plumb the depths with crafting using the ore you find – all while making sure you have plenty to eat (and, of course, booze to drink). For the Hobbit lovers out there, the dwarves have always been underrated stars of Tolkien’s classics, and this understand­s the assignment. While it’s not quite as finely polished as Deep Rock Galactic, Middle-earth heads will enjoy the delve.

From stuffing your pockets with resources to coins to give to the poor, we’ve co-op brawler

Not to be confused with

Hood: Outlaws & Legends (a live service heister that didn’t take off), this is a missionbas­ed affair that can also be played solo. After King Richard returned from the Med with a mysterious stone, the Lionheart, England has fallen into a steampunk hyper-industrial­ist age, the land ravaged and the populace squeezed for every penny. Which means brawling through heaps of fights by mashing light and heavy attacks to obtain S-ranks, natch. It’s a fine time, if a bit janky – one for a few evenings with mates.

If you thought that was a bit old-school, then get ready for

Gangs Of Sherwood. Turok 3: Shadow Of Oblivion Remastered.

Originally released for N64 in 2000, it’s been cleaned up with heaps of love by Nightdive Studios (which is becoming the studio for polishing up vintage FPSes). With Joshua Fireseed out of action, it falls to Danielle or Joseph to take up the mantle of Turok and time-hop their way through many levels filled with dino-aliens that are awaiting a blasting. (Danielle can jump higher and grapple, while Joseph is able to squeeze through small gaps and use a sniper rifle – a reason to replay!) There are secret areas, no firing down sights, and no reloading, making this proper retro action. While faithful to the original, this is a lovely, slick release that retains some low draw distance for aesthetic reasons without being annoying.

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