Resident Evil 4 VR Mode

Screaming all the way home



Capcom 2023

As Leon S Kennedy embarks on a rescue mission somewhere in an extremely rural part of Spain, his police escort asks him point-blank: “Why did you come to this horrible place?” Donning the headset and touring through the optional VR shooting tutorial, you’ll ask yourself a very similar question: why am I doing this to myself?

The regular remake is enough to give anyone the willies, and we find strapping the action to our faces does the opposite of

We find strapping the action to our faces does the opposite of defanging the horror.

defanging the horror, even when we know full well what’s to come. Despite imperfectl­y implemente­d smaller details, such as the odd texture floating about an inch above the associated surface, this is an excellentl­y immersive experience that will have you by the throat – no Lady Dimitrescu chokeslams necessary.

Occasional cuts to uncanny first-person cutscenes still happen, though naturally far less frequently than in Village’s VR mode. Breaking away into third-person cinematics often provides an unexpected­ly welcome reprieve from the tension, though it’s no small amount of fun inching around corners, keeping a beady little eye out for possible ambushes, and popping assailants before they can jump out.

But during the village siege, we become all thumbs. Hearing the dreaded click of an empty magazine, we reach for more ammo – only for our sticky fingers to keep picking up the combat knife strapped to our chest. It’s incredibly satisfying to shank shambling enemies, but when you’re not yet ready to let the welcoming committee get within biting distance that’s less than ideal. The best move in this situation? Shake off your nerves in the pause menu, then make full use of your pistol’s laser sights and end the party early. Now you’re doing this to them.

Jess Kinghorn

Whether you crawl or run through this village of the damned, it’s even better in VR.

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