God Of War Ragnarök: Valhalla

Kratos reclasses to rogue


Valhalla is influenced by Kratos’ memories, leading to some neat fusions of Norse and Greek mythology.

PS5, PS4 Sony Santa Monica Studio

Fellow roguelike liker? Well, if you enjoy God Of War you need to play this. You need to! This is not a silly bonus mode. We repeat: this is not a silly bonus!

Considerin­g this is free DLC that dropped days after it was announced, and is accessed from the main menu rather than your personal save, you could be forgiven for thinking it was a little thing thrown together to give you more opportunit­y massacre legions of Norse monsters.

And it is. But just as the stories in the base game are elegantly woven throughout modes of interactio­n, with important conversati­ons happening as you explore, the same holds true here. As Kratos and Mimir set out to explore the realm of the dead, they deal with the fallout from the main game, ponder

the consequenc­es, and 2023 (2022 base game)

Kratos and Mimir explore the realm of the dead, dealing with fallout from the main game.

dig up some Ancient Greek trauma for the axe daddy.

Which means that even though you can boot it up from the main menu whenever you like, you should hold fire if you haven’t hit credits yet. Gear features, but only cosmetical­ly, and your skill tree doesn’t matter as every node is unlocked here by default (which does leave us wondering whether the base game would be better off simply ditching gear and skill unlocks and giving you everything right from the start). You can temporaril­y unlock other skills, such as special runic attacks, as you go, as well as boosts to certain moves and stats.

In some ways the narrative focus makes getting into this one a bit of a slow burn for real roguelike heads, but the combat and depth ratchet up as you progress. Needless to say, we’re impressed; there’s a lot here for everyone, and it feels like a must-play addition.

Oscar Taylor-Kent

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