Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Sega Mega Drive Classics Balan Wonderworl­d


£17.99 approx (PS5/PS4,

The value is strong with this one

Encompassi­ng all nine Star Wars movies, this revitalisa­tion of the Lego enemy-bashing platformer games is packed full of things to keep you busy, just like the best of the brick sets. Little open world areas are filled with secrets, and the missions are comical twists on the well-known plot beats from the films with full (and new) voice acting. While these have featured in prior games in the series, the ones here are complete reimaginin­gs rather than remasters of what’s gone before. Some Amazon editions even come with classic character DLC to add to the huge roster.

£14.99 approx (PS4,

One price, over 50 games

Thought Skywalker Saga was good value? This massive collection of the 16-bit console’s biggest hitters has a huge library of games that you’ll keep coming back to. While not all games from the ’90s were created equal, the ones here are the cream of the crop. You’ve got a host of Sonic games, decent grappler Ristar, and the more technical ninja-star-throwing of Revenge Of Shinobi, to name just a few. There’s lots to keep multiplaye­r lovers happy as well, including all three Streets Of Rage and Golden Axe games (with region options), Gunstar Heroes, and more.

£9.99 approx (PS5,

Don’t you dare close your eyes

You may have seen lots of clowning around about this platformer from Sonic’s creators. And we’ll admit, it is a bit of an odd one. Aimed at little ones, this is a sort of My First Platformer that prides itself on simplicity of play, having you run around colourful worlds with never more than one interactio­n button to accompany your analogue stick controls. This changes contextual­ly based on costumes you can collect, from Pumpkin Puncher’s rocket fists to

Soaring Sheep’s gliding jumps, and loads more. Take it for what it is, and there’s actually lots to enjoy here.

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