Flash of recognitio­n

Shinji Mikami’s Resident Evil throwback in The Evil Within remains one of the coolest nods in gaming



onnelly?” Your colleague had turned weird and attacked you in the ambulance. And now, after you’ve crawled from the burning wreckage, he’s here, crouching over something. Or someone. Sebastian picks up Connelly’s discarded gun. Something’s not right. That’s when the head of the victim hits the floor and rolls towards you. Then Connelly swivels his neck to look at you…

At first his face is shrouded in darkness. But AS LUCK WOULD



HAVE IT there’s a flash of lightning and you can see his face. He doesn’t look well, with veins outside his skin and a bit of his cheek missing. It’s either one heck of a good Halloween getup or Oscar Connelly has become one of ‘The Haunted’, much like Resident Evil’s Infected. But hey, like Juliet Capulet said: would a zombie by any other name not smell as bad?

Anyway. If this over-the-shoulder look seems familiar, it’s entirely intentiona­l. The Evil Within was directed by Shinji Mikami, creator of the Resident Evil series, and


Connelly’s brain munching and slow look to camera are – mansion setting aside – a straight remake of the first zombie encounter in the original Resident Evil. The cynical could argue this throwback zaps you out of the experience, breaking your willing suspension of disbelief by being so massively self-referentia­l, making you think about another game, about how this one is made by Shinji Mikami too, and how this moment is admittedly way cool. And then? Too much thinking, Connelly’s munching on you too. Bravo, kid.

You get to this gruesome moment within an hour after starting a new game (unless you really suck), but you do need to enjoy it the first time you see it, because killing Connelly for being a messy eater sets a checkpoint and he isn’t there again on New Game+.

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