They say ‘Jump,’ you say ‘How many anime boys?’

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In this fighter fea­tur­ing only the most prime cuts of anime non­sense, you can pit your favourite Sho­nen se­ries pro­tag­o­nists (or vil­lains) against one an­other. In our hands-on we en­joy sev­eral bus­tups be­tween nin­jas from Naruto, pi­rates from One Piece, and a se­lec­tion of Su­per Saiyans from Dragon Ball Z – and it’s re­cently been an­nounced that the cast of Bleach will also join the fray. Like in any good Sho­nen show­down you can pelt the op­po­si­tion clear across a stage and send them sail­ing through the air into a com­pletely new area.

To chal­lenge Naruto’s power over the tailed beast and Luffy’s Gum-Gum pow­ers, Bleach’s cast bring their own edge to fights. Ichigo, a teen in pos­ses­sion of the pow­ers of a death god, packs a punch, and his com­rade Rukia can put the op­po­si­tion on ice with her chill­ing blade. The pair are joined by the mys­te­ri­ous Aizen, a for­mi­da­ble an­tag­o­nist in the anime and not to be taken lightly.

You’ll have to show some re­straint as each team mem­ber in the 3v3 matches shares the same health bar. If things aren’t go­ing your way, it’s best to switch out or try for a sweet sup­port at­tack.


Shar­ing many char­ac­ter­is­tics with its PS3 pre­de­ces­sor J-Stars Vic­tory VS, the fol­low-up ap­pears to be set in the real world, with the two 3D arena stages we bat­ter our way through be­ing New York and Mat­ter­horn, the lat­ter in­clud­ing gen­er­ally bad dude Frieza’s crashed space­ship. Hong Kong has also now been an­nounced and, for the sake of con­sis­tency with these real-worldin­spired are­nas, your fighty boys have ditched the cel-shaded aes­thetic you might ex­pect in favour of strangely semi-re­al­is­tic tex­tures.

J-Stars Vic­tory VS in­cluded an im­pres­sively ex­haus­tive ros­ter. Aside from the main play­ers, the full list of char­ac­ters for Jump Force has yet to be re­leased, and it re­mains to be seen whether it’ll be any­where near as com­pre­hen­sive. How­ever, the pres­ence of Light and Ryuk from Death Note in early trail­ers sug­gests there’ll be a fair few fa­mil­iar faces from se­ries out­side of the Big Three we’ve seen so far, even if the pair have al­ready been con­firmed to only play a role in the game’s story rather than the fights them­selves. We look for­ward to trac­ing the strings to what­ever pup­pet-mas­ter­ing is in store from Ryuk next year.


Here to set­tle the score are Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki, a pair full of sur­prises.

Above It’s Hong Kong but not as you know it, with Black­beard’s ship crashed in the mid­dle.

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