Mama, I just killed a… um, rogue AI

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Per­haps you like your shoot­ers to play out at the speed of a burly COD char­ac­ter’s stomp, ev­ery foot­step a heav­ing ef­fort to­wards the fight. I’m not here to judge (you). Some peo­ple were just raised that way. But those who were there at the turn of the cen­tury when Doom, Quake, and Un­real strode the landscape like gods will al­ways find a warm re­as­sur­ance in games like Mothergunship and its clas­sicId-style move­ment con­trols. This is a game about the raw sen­sa­tion of mov­ing and shooting – and do­ing so very, very quickly.

If you’re des­per­ate for a plot, here’s one: aliens known as the Archivists have hu­man­ity pinned down out in the far reaches of space. By shooting your way through a suc­ces­sion of ran­domly gen­er­ated space­ships, you’ll even­tu­ally reach the epony­mous Mothergunship and just, like, shut down the whole malev­o­lent foe for­ever. (Told you it was a game about shooting. 1)

Each of those ships – and boy, there are a lot of them – is con­structed us­ing a se­ries of semi-ran­dom rooms, and within these are spe­cific chal­lenges like go­ing 40 se­conds with­out tak­ing dam­age. If you re­mem­ber 2016’s Strafe and its rogue­like/shooter blend you have a de­cent ref­er­ence point for Mothergunship, but un­like Strafe this game doesn’t buckle un­der the weight of its own mar­ket­ing. It’s an unas­sum­ing shooter where the only com­plex­ity comes in mak­ing your own guns2 out of bits and bobs you find dot­ted around on Archivist ships. That pro­vides just enough com­plex­ity to keep you mov­ing for­wards, while the rest of your grey mat­ter’s sim­ply en­joy­ing the ab­surd on­slaught each fight presents. Sim­ple, ef­fec­tive, cha. Phil Iwa­niuk


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