New co-op sur­vive-’em-up, Rem­nant, re­vealed

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The stu­dio be­hind Dark­siders III presents Rem­nant: From The Ashes. It’s noth­ing to do with cricket: the game’s set in a post-apoc­a­lyp­tic fu­ture in which ex­tra-di­men­sional be­ings have taken root across the Earth. Af­ter The Reck­on­ing, beast­ies called The Root ( still noth­ing to do with cricket) lurk in the dark, hun­gry for more than a nib­ble of you and your friends. The re­main­ders of hu­man­ity in this four-player co-op ti­tle hop be­tween al­ter­nate realms for safety and in an ef­fort to un­cover the mys­tery be­hind these crea­tures’ hos­tile takeover.

Across the dy­namic worlds, strate­gic com­bat is the name of the game. In this sur­vival ac­tion-shooter you’ll be able to build a char­ac­ter that suits your playstyle, us­ing a va­ri­ety of archetypes as a jump­ing off point. (We’re guess­ing it will help if the three other peo­ple you’re play­ing with pick dif­fer­ent ones, so you’ve all got dif­fer­ent skills.) You’ll need to adapt on the fly in the face of new, un­pre­dictable en­vi­ron­ments.

There’s definitely strength in num­bers as, be­yond your team, you’ll also en­counter other sur­vivors and traders out in the wider, big, bad mul­ti­verse. The co-founder of Gun­fire Games, David Adams, told us, “Rem­nant: From The Ashes is about work­ing to­gether to build some­thing big­ger than your­self, and that idea is core to our ap­proach to the game.” If you of­fer other sur­vivors safety in your home base, they’ll of­fer their skills and a va­ri­ety of craft­ing resources for up­grades to your gear in re­turn.


Slated for a 2019 re­lease win­dow, the game will rise like a phoenix for Gamescom and Pax West this year, be­ing playable at both events. We’ve got our tick­ets al­ready, so keep an eye out next month for our hands-on im­pres­sions of Rem­nant.

In­ter­di­men­sional be­ings called The Root hunt down hu­man­ity.

Select an archetype, then cus­tomise your char­ac­ter to fit your play style.

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