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Writ­ing this re­view at the train sta­tion, wait­ing for my de­layed com­mute home yet again, is a lit­tle bit up­set­ting. Be­cause, I know, for a fact, that I could do bet­ter. I’m al­most al­ways at least ten min­utes early, ap­proach­ing the rail­way sta­tion at speeds up­wards of 100mph be­fore des­per­ately ham­mer­ing on the emer­gency brakes to make sure the train stops in the sweet spot, as the pas­sen­gers scream for their lives. 1

This con­sole ver­sion of Train Sim World comes with three routes as part of the base game – New York’s East Cor­ri­dor, Rapid Tran­sit S-Bahn in Ger­many, and the Great Western Ex­press Read­ing to Lon­don Padding­ton route. Each has a hand­ful of trains to mas­ter, sce­nar­ios to com­plete, and a ser­vice mode where you can freely drive routes you want or just ride trains.

There’s a lot of de­tail in how the trains op­er­ate, but none of the sce­nar­ios get very com­pli­cated or chal­leng­ing. Train fans will love driv­ing along the tracks, but the en­vi­ron­ments aren’t that pretty, and the track se­lec­tion is lim­ited. Read­ing to Padding­ton is ar­guably the worst one of Lon­don’s con­nec­tions to the West Coun­try. Graph­i­cally I en­coun­tered plenty of glitches, in­clud­ing one that trans­formed Padding­ton into a hell di­men­sion, 2 and an­other that fused a fake wall into one of the car­riages.

Per­versely, there is a great joy to Train Sim World once you get past all the nig­gles, chug­ging along at a clean 125mph, the world zip­ping past you as you keep an eye on your next stop, eas­ing the throt­tle, lightly touch­ing the brakes. The en­gines them­selves are on point, but it’s a bit lack­ing in rea­son to drive them. Os­car Tay­lor-Kent

FOOTNOTES1 The scream­ing isn’t ac­tu­ally in the game, but it prob­a­bly should be given how badly you can drive. 2 Some­how more than it al­ready is in real life, if you can be­lieve that.


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