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As al­ways, loved your E3 run­down is­sue. E3 surely has to be the gam­ing world’s Xmas? I love it, and ad­mit I’m one of those peo­ple that stay up till silly o’clock to watch the press con­fer­ences. What kills my ex­cite­ment? Firstly, games an­nounced the week be­fore E3, ef­fec­tively ru­in­ing Xmas morn­ing. Se­condly, point­less non-re­veals! So Bethesda are work­ing on a new Elder Scrolls? I knew that. We all knew that. No­body thought they would let the se­ries die. So why not wait un­til they have some­thing to show? Now I’ll spend ev­ery day hop­ing for more info on a game that’s prob­a­bly three years away. EA are mak­ing a Star Wars game? They have the li­cence so I should bloody hope so. But with noth­ing to show us why bother an­nounc­ing it? The build up to re­lease can al­ready seem eter­nal, I wish they wouldn’t make it worse. I want to see more games an­nounced at E3 and re­leased in­side a year. Be­cause I may be get­ting older, but when it comes to games I’m a big kid. And no kid wants his Xmas spoiled. Pete Wis­dom via email We’re bi­assed – see­ing all the games gives us some­thing to write about. And if devs don’t con­trol what in­for­ma­tion comes out about their games, the internet ru­mour mill will go into over­drive and could dis­tort the facts. But we can see how a dripfeed of de­tails spoils a game’s even­tual re­lease.


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