FOR­MAT PS4 / ETA 8 MAR PUB CAP­COM / DEV CAP­COM Sons of guns meet for a clash­ing of de­mon heads… and arms!

PlayStation Official Magazine (UK) - - PREVIEW -

Dante is def­i­nitely back. Our hands-on ses­sion con­firms it. Per­haps he’s look­ing a lit­tle bedrag­gled, with a scrag­gly beard and a coat that’s seen bet­ter days, but at least he’s back to his old self rather than be­ing the dark-haired reimag­in­ing from the tau­to­log­i­cally ti­tled last game. It’s been a decade since a main­line en­try in the Devil May Cry se­ries, and it feels good to see the white­haired pretty, quippy boy re­turn on PlayS­ta­tion 4.

While Cap­com is keep­ing Dante mostly un­der wraps un­til closer to re­lease next year, we no­tice he’s picked up a few new toys dur­ing his trav­els. His cho­sen mode of trans­port, a mo­tor­bike, is pulling dou­ble duty as his pri­mary weapon, and we’re not just talk­ing about revving the en­gine and leav­ing de­mons in the dust. No, Dante’s new set of wheels sep­a­rates into a pair of spin­ning chain­saw blades, the gun­slinger ap­par­ently lean­ing to­wards be­com­ing more of a heavy hit­ter judg­ing by the trailer out of this year’s Gamescom.

But that doesn’t mean the days of chop­ping and chang­ing be­tween guns and blades are be­hind us – pick­ing up that man­tle of ver­sa­til­ity is the grand­son of Sparda, Nero, who has a new trick lit­er­ally shoved up his own sleeve. Nero’s de­mon arm is gone (though cer­tainly not for­got­ten), the miss­ing ap­pendage re­placed by a mag­nif­i­cent me­chan­i­cal limb made and main­tained by new girl Nico. Her cre­ation is called the Devil Breaker, and it comes in a


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