The sixth in­stal­ment is shap­ing up

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Fans old and new are wel­come to jump aboard for Dead Or Alive’s sixth out­ing. What’s more, now serv­ing up a can of whup ass is eas­ier than ever. Spe­cial moves mapped to the right shoul­der but­ton serve as an easy in-road for new play­ers, but the lengthy wind up means long-time fight­ers will know when best to use ‘em.

Play­ing against di­rec­tor Yo­hei Shim­bori, we try to do the po­lite thing and not spam spe­cials, as en­joy­able as that is. Fight­ing aboard a ship, he has a trick up his sleeve, and trig­gers a kraken smack­down, send­ing us crash­ing be­low deck into the glit­ter­ing depths of the trea­sure room.

Our fighter is look­ing worse for wear, drenched in sweat, her clothes scuffed. Nonethe­less, we’re struck by how good this looks. We’re ready for fur­ther fisticuffs come March 2019.

Most stages have a spe­cial event, like this kraken, that can be trig­gered un­der cer­tain con­di­tions. Lei Fang and Hit­omi re­turn but Team Ninja hasn’t an­nounced even half of the fi­nal ros­ter yet. Lei Fang has fallen afoul of a new su­per move. Fill the Break Gauge and un­leash a Break Blow or Break Hold.

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