The Devourer’s got soul(s)

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Smash­ing through plenty of en­e­mies, col­lect­ing loot, lev­el­ling up, and up­grad­ing skills, Shad­ows: Awak­en­ing ticks all the check­boxes you’d ex­pect from a Di­ablo-like hack-and-slash RPG. It might be a lit­tle janky at times – an­i­ma­tions can be quite stiff, and the en­vi­ron­ments look nice but don’t of­fer any­thing mind­blow­ing in terms of fan­tasy set­tings – but it does stim­u­late the parts of the brain that just like hit­ting en­e­mies and then pick­ing things up.

Thank­fully Shad­ows: Awak­en­ing has some fab twists. Sum­moned from the Shadow Realm, you take the role of The Devourer, a de­mon who con­sumes souls that can then act for him in the mor­tal realm (worldswitch­ing plays into some puz­zles). You choose one of three souls at the be­gin­ning (one from each hero class – war­rior, hunter, and mage), and which you pick al­ters the way you in­ter­act with the story. The he­roes have their own per­son­al­i­ties and goals, and rather than be­ing com­pletely sub­servient to The Devourer, they share a body and have some con­trol.

Over time, you’ll add more he­roes to your body’s ros­ter through com­plet­ing quests – you’ll have up to three ac­tive ones who you switch be­tween in­stantly with o and u. Dif­fer­ent he­roes get on dif­fer­ently with one an­other, and can have their own ap­proaches to quests. 1 The in­ter­ac­tions are fun, and the world and story is pretty well-writ­ten, if some­what stan­dard fan­tasy fare. It’s fully voice acted with a great cast, 2 al­though some bat­tle shouts grow repet­i­tive. It might not be the most unique game ever made, but it has charm where it counts.

FOOTNOTES1 Some he­roes will be more wel­come in cer­tain ar­eas, per­haps gain­ing ac­cess more eas­ily. 2 Tom Baker, the Fourth Doc­tor him­self, voices the ma­gi­cian who frees The Devourer.


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