Deck the halls with these stylish picks for your top-se­cret base

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01 Clas­sic PlayS­ta­tion Gift Set £24.99

Whether they’re just be­gin­ning their jour­ney or sim­ply clumsy with glass­ware, this set is per­fect for any­one who wants more PlayS­ta­tion in their life. EMP.co.uk

02 Vault Boy 3D Mug £14.99

Those who sup from the cup of Vault Boy’s cra­nium shall go far in the apoca­lyp­tic waste­land that is the kitchen af­ter Christ­mas din­ner. plays­ta­tion-gear.com

03 Call Of Duty Zom­bie Soda Framed Print £14.99

Home is hope­fully not where the zom­bies are but where the Jug­ger­naut Soda flows freely. Perk your­self up af­ter a moun­tain of pigs in blan­kets with this taste­ful but no less flavour­ful art print fea­tur­ing the un­dead. plays­ta­tion-gear.com

04 Fat Cho­cobo Hooded Blan­ket £35.99

Af­ter you’ve fin­ished scarf­ing down your fes­tive Gysahl Greens, you can curl up and re­lax in this cosy blan­ket. Sum­mon the power of the Fat Cho­cobo so that you may not be dis­turbed… un­less the cul­prit wants to get Cho­coBuck­led. store.eu.square-enixgames.com

05 Alu­card Statue £230

If you’ve al­ready pol­ished off the sec­ond sea­son and re­played Sym­phony Of The Night for the umpteenth time, you can still get your daily Alu­card fix with this beau­ti­fully de­tailed statue. Sink your teeth in… and pre­pare to drain your wal­let. mon­do­tees.com

06 Hori­zon Zero Dawn Note­book – Col­lec­tor’s Edi­tion £43.50

It’s a big old world out there and, as any ma­chine-man­gling ad­ven­turer knows, one worth doc­u­ment­ing. As you’re excavating the present pile, be sure to jot down your thank you notes in this smart­look­ing pair of jot­ters. candb.com

07 PlayS­ta­tion Icons Light £24

While you bask in the warm glow im­parted by a gi­ant sea­sonal din­ner, you can also bask in the warm glow of the PlayS­ta­tion icons. They’ll give you some­thing to fo­cus on as you gen­tly drift into a food coma. ama­zon.co.uk

08 Spyro The Dragon In­cense Burner £29.99

Watch the adorable pur­ple dragon breathe smoke and homely vibes into your abode – no sheepy smells, prom­ise. It’s not of­ten you come across an of­fi­cially li­censed in­cense burner, mak­ing this one you won’t want to miss. geek­store.com

09 The Last Guardian Framed Print £14.99

This Stu­dio Ghi­bli-es­que print of Trico with their young care­taker will in­spire warm feel­ings by the fire this fes­tive sea­son… What? No, we’re not cry­ing… but you are! plays­ta­tion-gear.com

10 Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Mayan Mug £15.99

Af­ter excavating the fa­bled wish­bone from the tur­key, take a dive into a warm­ing cuppa with this ar­ti­fac­tual mug. Raise your cup to the prospect of some hair-rais­ing ad­ven­tures in the New Year. plays­ta­tion-gear.com








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