Far Cry 5’s stand­alone se­quel goes be­yond the end of the world

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Don’t you just hate it when the bad guy was right all along? We’ll throw up a spoiler warn­ing now in case you’ve yet to fin­ish Far Cry 5, but cult leader Joseph Seed has been teased as mak­ing a re­turn in its stand­alone se­quel Far Cry New Dawn. No, re­ally, if you still haven’t seen that end­ing, stop read­ing now.

We know now that rather than the end­ing be­ing one last Bliss­fu­elled ma­nip­u­la­tion by the Fa­ther of Eden’s Gate, Hope County re­ally did be­come scorched earth. In fact, all across Amer­ica, bombs fell.

While Ubisoft keeps its cards close to its chest when it comes to the ex­tent of Joseph Seed’s role in this fol­lowup, nearly two decades on from the end­ing of the pre­vi­ous game more than a few fa­mil­iar faces re-emerge in a very dif­fer­ent world.

Be­tween colour­ful plumes of su­perbloom, two di­a­met­ri­cally op­posed fac­tions take shape. Your Sur­vivors, res­i­dents of the for­mer Hope County and mi­grants from other parts of the US, have built a home base called Pros­per­ity. Farm­ing veg­gies for food and fuel in the form of ethanol, their re­spect for the land is not matched by the op­pos­ing High­way­men.

Led by twins Mickey and Lou, the High­way­men squeeze all they can from the land be­fore up­ping sticks and do­ing it all over again some­where else. They have chap­ters across all of what re­mains of Amer­ica, and you’ll find plenty of their out­posts scat­tered through­out Hope County. You have to lib­er­ate these, as you ex­pect, but what you might not ex­pect is that they don’t stay lib­er­ated if you leave them unat­tended. If the High­way­men do mus­cle their way back into an out­post, it’ll be that much more dif­fi­cult to re­take.


The new ex­pe­di­tion mis­sions fea­ture sim­i­lar lev­els of es­ca­lat­ing dif­fi­culty. Tak­ing you to lo­cales out­side Hope County, they let you glimpse the state of the wider world. While they’re de­signed with co-op in mind, you can play them solo with help from a se­lec­tion of Guns and Fangs For Hire. On our visit to Ubisoft we see a stealthy trip to an aban­doned theme park on the low­est dif­fi­culty set­ting quickly go awry, but are as­sured that it is a far more in­tense story at the third and high­est level.

And while we’d love to tell you all about Nick and Kim Rye’s grown-up daugh­ter, or Nana the sharp­shoot­ing granny, you’ll have to wait. Truth­fully, we wish we could tell you more about Tim­ber the akita. Luck­ily for you, Far Cry New Dawn isn’t far off – it launches on the 15 Fe­bru­ary. Read our full preview of Far Cry New Dawn next is­sue, on sale 15 Jan.


Cre­ative di­rec­tor, Ubisoft Mon­tréal

dev talk “It’s a brand new set­ting – yes, there are ties to Far Cry 5 but […] you’re go­ing to dis­cover the world with [a new player char­ac­ter]. […] Far Cry is an op­por­tu­nity to get into an open world shooter that’s very easy to pick up […] It’s all about these law­less fron­tiers, these places that are pretty re­mote.” Jean-Sébastien De­cant

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